Adam Dobie - 7/14/19

Adam Dobie - 7/14/19

We are extremely excited to have Adam Dobie giving a seminar on JJOTG! In this three part no-gi series he takes us through all the phases of a BJJ match. Starting with the takedown from your opponent having the collar tie, a slick darce/armlock from the top position, how to neutralize the open guard so your opponent can't get to your legs, and finish with a toe hold.

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Adam Dobie - 7/14/19
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    The first video of this three part series focuses on takedowns. Defending the collar tie is extremely important and Coach Adam shows us how to defeat the collar tie with an alternate grip. After you shuck the hand he shows the details of how to hit a super powerful takedown.


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    In part two of this no-gi series Professor Adam shows two setups for the darce from the top position. After securing the initial position he goes through the details of finishing the choke, including how to get your arms deeper, body positioning and stopping your partners movement.

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    In the final video of the series Professor Adam shows an awesome way to get an armlock if they are staying tight against the darce. He then show us how to stop someone from getting underneath you for a leglock from the open guard position. After you have secured your legs he walks us through how...