Americana Trap Series

Americana Trap Series

JJOTG is pleased to bring you this five part Side Control Armlock series featuring Professor Jason Spallek.
It's all about the details in the technique that take our game to the next level and this Armlock series is sure to do just that! We hope you enjoy this series and look forward to your feedback.

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Americana Trap Series
  • JS SideControl Armlocks 1of5

    Welcome to the first installment of JJOTG's online Side Control Armlock series featuring Professor Jason Spallek. In this segment we will be looking at the details of Americana attacks with emphasis on controlling the near arm, proper elbow position and using full body mass (not strength) to fin...

  • JS SideControl Armlocks 2of5

    In this segment of the Armlock series we will be looking at different methods of applying pressure to finish the Americana. Remember, it's not about burning yourself out using strength, but using slight adjustments in your grip techniques to twist, lift and drag your opponent into submission.

  • JS_SideControl_Armlocks_3of5

    When attempting the cross body Americana, sometimes you will encounter an opponent who knows to avoid this submission by straightening their arm...that's cool, thanks for the Armbar buddy.

  • JS SideControl Armlocks 4of5

    We have looked at the basic set ups for the Americana and Crunch Armbar, now let's look at a more advanced set up. Using the head to block the arm, we can create the outside arm trap during the pass or when your opponent is trying to escape. This is a great transitional set up!

  • JS SideControl Armlocks 5of5

    In the last installment of our side control armlock series, we are going to revisit the concept of using full body mass versus strength to capture the arm of a stronger opponent. Here we focus on using shoulder pressure to peel your opponents arm away from their body.
    This is a great way to b...