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Armlocks and Triangles • 3m 55s

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  • Mount Armlocks&Triangles 2of5

    Now that we have established our low mount, it's time to attack!..Americana armlock style. When going for the Americana the details are in the connection, pressure and making your opponent move where you want them to.

  • Mount Armlocks&Triangles 3of5

    The Americana will not always be an "easy" finish, especially if your opponent is defending well. We have the option to either abandon position or better yet, transition into a modified Americana armlock. With this transition we will be extending the arm, shifting the hip pressure to block the ...

  • Mount Armlocks&Triangles 4of5

    Now let's take a look at Arm Triangles from low mount. Here we are still focused on elbow and head control, and connecting them together with strong pressure. Even if you are not able to finish the Arm Triangle because your opponent is "toughing it out", it is a great way to wear your opponent ...