Back Lapel Chokes

Back Lapel Chokes

If you like that sound people involuntarily make right before they tap or nap as much as we do...then you're going to love this series.
JJOTG and Professor Steve are proud to bring you this four part online Back Lapel Choke series. Filled with awesome details and fun choking noises, this series will truly tighten up your back mount game. We hope you enjoy and thanks again for watching.

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Back Lapel Chokes
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    In the first installment of this four part online lapel choke series we will be focusing on fine tuning the grips for this cross collar choke from back mount. Without proper grips and connection our opponent can escape...and it's pretty difficult to make someone tap if they keep getting away.


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    Now that we've looked at the proper placement of grips, we are going to look at them in more detail when dumping your opponent to the side. Posting on your elbow will create the opportunity for more leverage when you ratchet down your choke.
    (I honestly started to feel bad for the Uke in this...

  • BackMount LapelChokes 3of4

    You will encounter opponents that will try to avoid the cross collar choke by dumping to the non-choking side. This is an excellent time to set up our Bow and Arrow choke, and with proper grips, framing and leverage this choke can be brutal.

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    Now that we have explored how much "fun" the Bow and Arrow choke can be, we are going to look at some variations of sitting up, crossing the legs and straight armlock submissions if the head pops out.
    It's always a good thing to have lots of ammo going into a fight!