Breaking Down the Turtle Position

Breaking Down the Turtle Position

Professor Scott is a master of breaking down his opponent's turtle. Here he highlights four different concepts to turn a neutral position into a dominating one. He walks through ideas, concepts, and exact techniques in a concise way to help you destroy a normally frustrating position.

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Breaking Down the Turtle Position
  • Scott Miller AnklePick 1of4

    In the first video of the series Professor Scott breaks down the basic concepts to break down your opponents turtle without them pulling guard or sweeping you. He shows simple yet effective ideas to implement right away.

  • Scott Miller AnkleTrap 2of4

    In the second video of the series Professor Scott shows the ankle trap to take the back and get the rear naked choke. Utilizing either the claw or a hand chop to the back of the neck he shows how to open your opponents turtle up, take the back, and get the sub.

  • Scott Miller SpiralRide 3of4

    In part three Professor Scott shows us how to tire out your opponents and maintain full control using the spiral ride. Not only will you frustrate your opponent with the ride you will easily gain a dominant position. Once you have them broken down he shows the small details to really make the tec...

  • Scott Miller Guillotine 4of4

    Part four of the series shows a fun and super effective technique to go from the turtle to submission. If you like adding subs to your transitions than this slick series is for you. Professor Scott goes into great detail in this video how to control or submit from the top turtle.This sneaky choke...