Bryan Evans - 7/14/19

Bryan Evans - 7/14/19

In this slick three part series Professor Bryan Evans shows how to take the back without creating a scramble, powerful controlling grips from the back, and multiple submissions. Every technique shown is highly effective in either Gi or no-Gi, and will greatly help if you've been having trouble finishing from the back.

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Bryan Evans - 7/14/19
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    In part one of this three part series Professor Bryan Evans joins us from the tap-out cancer event to show us his dominating back control. He walks us through a modified grip from the back to control your opponent and submit them easier. This grip is highly effective in Gi or no-Gi.


  • Bryan Evans 2of3

    Part two of the series focuses on what happens if your partner clears the leg while you have the back. This slick transition flows directly into the powerful top Kimura position, leading to an easy finish. Both Professor Steve and Professor Brian throw in some nice tips on how to finish the Kimur...

  • Bryan Evans 3of3

    In the final video of the series Professor Bryan gives us two ways to take the back from turtle without creating a scramble. This is really useful when you have to go against bigger opponents who can use their weight to stifle normal back takes.