• Rolling for the Fight 2 Win belt 1of2

    Jaidyn and Cam are two amazing young prospects who have both won Fight 2 Win belts and are constantly improving their game! This footage is from when they were training for their victories, they both display some really amazing flow and technique. Enjoy the rolls!

  • Rolling for the Fight 2 Win Belt 2of2

    Cam takes us through the techniques he used to win the belt, mainly his attacks from the open guard and the leg attacks from the bottom. And, of course, more amazing rolling sessions from the champ!

  • The Art of Teaching and Rolling 1of2

    Professor Steve shows us one of the best setups for the arm drag and how to execute the move with as little effort as possible. Then how to keep your opponent at bay while playing open guard. Lastly, we get to enjoy some amazing flow rolling.

  • The Art of Teaching and Rolling 2of2

    Part two of the series covers all the small details needed to hit the arm drag and how to stay patient while looking for your opening. Timing is created from staying calm and seeing the fight. Professor shows us how to create openings from any position from the grip game. We then get to enjoy eve...

  • Single Leg & Kimura Trap Series 1of4

    In part one of this four-part series Professor talks through his process of using film to remember your own Jiu-Jitsu and his powerful single-leg takedown. He goes over many important details on how to keep the leg trapped, securing the position and finishing the takedown. His single-leg is diffe...

  • Single Leg & Kimura Trap Series 2of4

    Part two of the series focuses on the mindset of learning and how to master the kimura. It's a common move, but few of us actually take the time to master it. Sometimes the common positions are the most overlooked. Not anymore, Professor Steve shows how to secure the position without your opponen...

  • Single Leg & Kimura Trap Series 3of4

    Part three covers how to leverage your body against their's to finish the Kimura. He covers the ideas of connection, body placement and hip movement to easily transition to the submission. He uses these details to break their arm away from their body without having to use tons of strength or hurt...

  • Single Leg & Kimura Trap Series 4of4

    In the final part of this series, Professor walks us through an awesome back take and choke from the Kimura position. The back take is a great option when the opponent is just resisting the Kimura like crazy. Then he highlights his midset on how to stay on the mats longer with a less injury-pron...