• Passing the Guard and Taking the Back 1of4

    In part one of this great no-gi series, Heather takes us through some amazing transitions to the back. Starting with how to pass the guard in a way that opens up your opponent's back and then take the back. She covers so many small details that are often overlooked but are extremely crucial to fi...

  • Lock and Load with Dr. Tindall 1of3

    The JJOTG crew recently visited Dr. Tindall to learn some amazing survival and shooting skills! Part one of the series goes through the philosophy of surviving, shooting skills, and how to watch after yourself if things go wrong.

  • Jiu Jitsu Black Belts Rolling 1of2

    If you enjoy high-level rolling, this is for you! Professor Richard Powers recently visited the Katharo Training Center after a successful battle with cancer to train with his old Friend Professor Steve! They have known each other for many years and have a very fun rivalry. Not too long ago Steve...

  • Rolling for the Fight 2 Win belt 1of2

    Jaidyn and Cam are two amazing young prospects who have both won Fight 2 Win belts and are constantly improving their game! This footage is from when they were training for their victories, they both display some really amazing flow and technique. Enjoy the rolls!

  • The Art of Teaching and Rolling 1of2

    Professor Steve shows us one of the best setups for the arm drag and how to execute the move with as little effort as possible. Then how to keep your opponent at bay while playing open guard. Lastly, we get to enjoy some amazing flow rolling.