• Striking Fundamentals - Switch Leg Kick 17of19

    Chris Camozzi has shown off his striking skills in the biggest stages on Earth, including the UFC, PFL, and way more! His striking fundamentals are super strong and if you need to improve, these are a must-watch.

    In this series, he covers the switch kick but goes into super detail on how to set...

  • Trap Guard Basic Setup 1of7

    The Trap Guard is a great tool to have in your game, especially if you don't like playing traditional closed guard. It keeps you safe (even from punches) and will set up a ton of attacks and sweeps.

    In part one of the series, Professor Steve covers how to actually get to the Trap Guard. He cove...

  • Mount Attack Series 1of5

    Professor Javier Vazquez has proven his techniques in the cage and on the mats! Not only has he shown his mettle in combat but beat cancer and in that dire time developed an amazing way to think about BJJ and the concepts behind it, thus helping evolve the art.

    In part one of this series, he ...

  • Fabio Santos 1of4

    Master Fabio Santos is one of the few Red and Black Belts in the entire world and has been training for over 35 years. He trained under Rolls Gracie and eventually received his black belt after years of training with Rickson Gracie. It's just so amazing to learn techniques from someone who has su...

  • Baseball Loop Choke Series 1of3

    Jay Pages has been an amazing competitor in not only BJJ but MMA as well for many years. His techniques will really take your game to the next level and everything he covers in this series is amazing!

    In part one of the series Jay Pages goes over the basics of the Baseball loop choke but doesn'...

  • Collar Tie Counters 1of3

    Ian "The Hurricane" Heinisch is one of the top middleweights in the world and has been fighting in the UFC since 2018. His moves are proven to work against some of the toughest competition out there, and not only is he an amazing fighter but he is also a great instructor!

    In part one of the ser...