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Omoplata from Half Guard 1of7

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  • Omoplata from Half Guard 1of7

    Dan and Erin Ries are two amazing instructors who are so skilled at teaching and break everything down into such detail that the moves become easy to learn. How they describe things really makes you comprehend the techniques.

    In part one of this series, they focus on the Omoplata. They go over ...

  • Lockdown - Stakeout and Old School Sw...

    Professor John Botello has trained with some of the best BJJ practitioners alive and is an amazing coach. In this series, he shows a ton of great no-gi techniques and 10th Planet moves.

    In part one of the series Professor John shows how to use the lockdown and half guard to hit a bunch of sweep...

  • Baseball Loop Choke Series 1of3

    Jay Pages has been an amazing competitor in not only BJJ but MMA as well for many years. His techniques will really take your game to the next level and everything he covers in this series is amazing!

    In part one of the series Jay Pages goes over the basics of the Baseball loop choke but doesn'...