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Baseball Loop Choke Series 1of3

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Lockdown - Stakeout and Old School Sweep 1of2

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  • Baseball Loop Choke Series 1of3

    Jay Pages has been an amazing competitor in not only BJJ but MMA as well for many years. His techniques will really take your game to the next level and everything he covers in this series is amazing!

    In part one of the series Jay Pages goes over the basics of the Baseball loop choke but doesn'...

  • JV Back Attack Series 1of7

    In part one of this series Javier talks about how to control someone from the back, including the hooks and the hand fight, then covers how to win the hand fight, and eventually get the tap. He shows so many little details about how to win the hand fight, without using too much strength and some ...

  • Inside Trip from the Clinch 1of3

    In part one of the series, Professor Gilbert first shows off some of his rolling chops and then gets into some really sweet techniques and talks about his strategy for wrestling in the gi.

    Most times, in the gi, you won't hit the takedown right away. But he uses that to get into the clinch. The...