Front Headlock Counters

Front Headlock Counters

Welcome to our second JJOTG online series with Professor Scott Miller. For details on Professor Scott Miller's background please check out the Half Guard Leg Attack series.
In this four part Front Headlock Counter series, Professor Miller will be taking us through a variety of techniques that are sure to result in superior position, connective control and multiple submission opportunities.

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Front Headlock Counters
  • Front HL Counter SuckaDrag 1of4

    In our first segment of Professor Scott Millers "Front Headlock Counter" online series we will be focusing on the sucker drag to counter the Anaconda Choke. The details lie within a wide base, proper head placement and securing the tricep/elbow.
    If nothing else, his awesome hair keeps you wan...

  • Front HL Counter PeakOut 2of4

    You will often be on the receiving end of the basic front head lock, mainly because it is most commonly used...luckily, one of the easier headlocks to defeat and counter as well.
    Here we will be looking at the Peak Out counter with options to take your opponents back or secure side control.

  • Front HL Counter KneeTap 3of4

    Sometimes you will have an opponent who has a very secure front head lock and will prevent you from performing the Peak Out counter. This leaves the door open for an awesome Short Fireman's with the knee tap...clear the elbow and now you have great side control.
    Stay connected to your opponent ...

  • Front HL Counter WrongsidePO 4of4

    Sometimes we have a tendency to try and Peak Out in the wrong direction...that's ok, "There's an APP for that"...and luckily you are watching it. This is a fun one because it allows you the options of front head lock, wrist lock and kimura.
    (Variety is the spice of life)