Getting the Tap from the Triangle

Getting the Tap from the Triangle

The triangle position or triangle guard is a super-strong place to have your opponent in, but you don't always have to finish with the choke! In this 5-part series, Professor Steve Hordinski takes us through a ton of finishes, how to control the position and obviously enter into it. He shows how to attack depending on how your opponent tries to defend, how to use your leverage, the ways to keep safe in the position, and most importantly, the little details that save you from expending tons of energy! If your triangle game has been lacking, this is a must-watch.

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Getting the Tap from the Triangle
  • Getting the Tap from the Triangle 1of5

    Part one of this five-part series goes over how to get into the triangle position, how to keep the position, and how to keep your opponent from stacking you. He covers a bunch of small details that make the set-up work and keep you safe on the bottom.

  • Getting the Tap from the Triangle 2of5

    Part two of the series dives into the actual finishes from the triangle and how to make the necessary adjustments without giving up the position. You rarely just dive into a perfect triangle, so making these small adjustments are key to actually winning the fight here. He covers all the small det...

  • Getting the Tap from the Triangle 3of5

    In part three of the series Professor goes over the arm attacks that are available from the triangle position. Sometimes you just can't get the choke in tight enough, but that generally leaves the arms open. He shows one of the highest percentage attacks when you find yourself there.

  • Getting the Tap from the Triangle 4of5

    In part four of the series, Professor Steve shows how to finish when your opponent hides their arm under your leg. This opens up their shoulders, so it's really hard to tap them with the choke. This move is a great counter and way to attack the arm and get the finish or reset your triangle. He sh...

  • Getting the Tap from the Triangle 5of5

    In the final instalment of the series, Steve shows a couple of tricky arm attacks that may not seem strong at first, but actually get a decent amount of taps. If nothing else, it breaks their grips so you can continue to adjust the choke. Lastly, he finishes the series off with his thoughts on th...