Mastering the Grip Fight

Mastering the Grip Fight

If you are ready to simplify your fight game while expanding it exponentially, then you have come to the right place! In this three part online Grip Fighting Course, Professor Steve takes us through the concepts of Intercepting Grips, Occupying Ground on your opponent and Counter Gripping. These are the true fundamentals of "guiding" the grip fight through neutralizing, controlling and attacking!

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Mastering the Grip Fight
  • InterceptingGrips 1of3

    Welcome to the first installment of this three part online Grip Fighting Course where we will focus on the concepts of Intercepting Grips by neutralizing and deflecting our opponents grip attacks, while exposing the grips our opponents give to us.

  • OccupyingGround 2of3

    When we explore the concept of occupying ground on your opponent, it all starts with the grip...getting the grip and controlling the grip. In this video we will look at the C Clamp grip and the cross grip as well as methods of control using a "grip/tension/grip" concept.

  • CounterGripping 3of3

    Obviously a grip fight goes back and forth...that's why it's called a fight. This video on the concepts of counter gripping explores how to counter the C clamp grip, sleeve grip, collar grip, deep collar grip and the 2on1 grip using simple concepts of framing and disruption.