GTFO Mount Escapes

GTFO Mount Escapes

Welcome to the JJOTG online GTFO Mount Escape series. Many people ask what GTFO stands for?..Grips Tension Frame Opportunity. (A.K.A. - Get The F... Out)
Since your opponent will have many attack options from mount, I felt it quite necessary to provide you with many escape options. Remember, grips, creating tension and framing will create opportunities!
I hope this series helps you in your journey and let me know if you have any questions.

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GTFO Mount Escapes
  • Mount GTFO DefPosture 1of5

    In the first installment of the GTFO Mount Escape online series we will be exploring defensive posturing. We will be focusing on elbow placement, framing, traps and grips...when we can counter our opponents attacks properly the counter-attacks become seamless.


  • Mount RHG ElbowKnee 2of5

    Now that we have a better understanding of how to position ourselves when we are mounted, we will start working our escapes. Your opponent has many attack options from mount, so first let's look at the Elbow Knee Escape to recover guard or take the back when your opponent is coming in for the ri...

  • Mount LHG ElbowKnee 3of5

    Whether your opponent prefers a left hand cross-collar grip or they have grown wise to your right handed counter, this elbow knee to butterfly guard escape will open the doors wide for you.
    Simplicity at it's finest when utilizing proper framing.

  • Mount SPC ElbowKnee 4of5

    What if, what if, what opponent wraps my head?
    No worries bro, we got shoulder pins for that.

  • Mount LegHeist 5of5

    With great framing and counter grips your opponent might abandon a traditional mount and transition to a technical mount. When we find ourselves in this position, the Leg Heist Mount Escape will truly provide you with the opportunity to turn the tables and control the fight.