Javier Vazquez Seminar

Javier Vazquez Seminar

Professor Javier Vazquez recently came to Katharo Training Center to share his knowledge and ideals with us. We are so happy we to get to share this no-gi session with you! He goes over many concepts and techniques. He covers constant connection, red light green light, passing the guard, vibration to break down your opponent's defense, pressure to conserve energy, the super Kimura, a slick arm bar, the mindset you need while sick, and finishes the seminar off with an amazing roll with Professor Steve. There are many great ideas shown here that you can implement into your training immediately. Enjoy and try make sure to add these to your stable of moves!

If you would like to host a seminar or visit Professor Javier at his academy in Rancho Cucamonga you can connect with him at [email protected] or visit www.jvjiujitsu.com for more information.

Javier Vazquez Seminar
  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 1of4

    It was an honor to have Professor Javier Vazquez come for a seminar! In part one of the series he covers many concepts, including red-light green light, the super Kimura, and vibration to break down your opponents defenses. Be sure to check out part two for a few more tricks from the super Kimura...


  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 2of4

    in Part two Professor Javier Vazquez explores more ideas and expands on the super Kimura position. He covers the idea of constant connection to your opponent, the mindset needed while sick or injured, and a slick armbar finish from the super Kimura position. These little tips make finishing the K...

  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 3of4

    Part 3 is all about using your weight against your opponent to pass the guard and conserve energy. Professor Javier shows how to find a targeted spot to balance yourself on your opponent, deflect the pressure, and break the stability point. This is a great way to break down your opponent while co...

  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 4of4

    In part 4 Professor Javier explains how to balance on your opponent and create a constant pressure, forcing your opponent to hold your weight and tire themselves out. He shows how to use their angles against them and how to deflect their weight until they have no choice but to give up.

  • Flow State of Mind

    The final part of the Professor Javier seminar ends with a spectacular roll between him and Professor Steve. Two high level black belts rolling with precision and grace. Enjoy the mastery and try to use their ideas in training!