Watch this video and more on Jiu-Jitsu On The Go

Watch this video and more on Jiu-Jitsu On The Go

Javier Vazquez Seminar 2of4

Javier Vazquez Seminar • 4m 16s

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  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 3of4

    Part 3 is all about using your weight against your opponent to pass the guard and conserve energy. Professor Javier shows how to find a targeted spot to balance yourself on your opponent, deflect the pressure, and break the stability point. This is a great way to break down your opponent while co...

  • Javier Vazquez Seminar 4of4

    In part 4 Professor Javier explains how to balance on your opponent and create a constant pressure, forcing your opponent to hold your weight and tire themselves out. He shows how to use their angles against them and how to deflect their weight until they have no choice but to give up.

  • Flow State of Mind

    The final part of the Professor Javier seminar ends with a spectacular roll between him and Professor Steve. Two high level black belts rolling with precision and grace. Enjoy the mastery and try to use their ideas in training!