Kimura Defense & Escapes

Kimura Defense & Escapes

Welcome to JJOTG's online Kimura Defense and Escape series. Kimuras are a very scary submission to get caught in and can cause devastating injury to the shoulder if not properly defended or tapped out of in time. In this series we will focus on the details of basic Kimura defense, countering the back take, late defense and the rolling Kimura escape. Please take the time to study this series and practice these drills often with good training partners.

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Kimura Defense & Escapes
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    In the first installment of this four part online Kimura Defense series we will be looking at basic defense when your opponent has captured the arm and is setting up for the Kimura. Here we focus on head placement, position of the captured arm as well as hip control.

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    When your opponent gets a step ahead of you in the Kimura sequence you will need to transition into a late defensive posture. Here we will focus on hooking the inside of our own leg and creating a solid frame to the outside.

  • Kimura_Def_HG_4of4

    It's time for the "Hail Mary" Kimura escape...the Rolling Kimura Escape! Remember, this is your last resort defense that must be repetitively drilled with good partners for effectiveness and reduced chance of injury.