Kimura K-Bar Series

Kimura K-Bar Series

Welcome to JJOTG's online K-Bar Kimura series. Filled with sweeps, rolls, double rolls and many "taps", this series is sure to increase your finish stats with the Kimura from top or bottom position.
Please enjoy and give us your feedback on how this series helps your game or any questions about where you're getting stuck.

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Kimura K-Bar Series
  • Kimura_K-Bar_1of4

    In the first segment of the online K-Bar Kimura series, we will be looking at the Kimura finish from bottom half guard with emphasis on framing the hip and controlling our opponents posture.
    The framing of the hip will be key as we progress through this series.


  • Kimura_K-Bar_2of4

    In part two of the K-Bar Kimura series we look at the Kimura finish from top half guard or side control when our opponent attempts to roll through to escape. When the roll through starts, just hang on, go for the ride and let your opponent do the work.

  • Kimura_K-Bar_3of4

    One of the more common moves to defend the Kimura from the top is to drop the hip to the mat...(I told you the framing of the hip would come into play later). This hip frame will prevent that hip from reaching the mat and open up an easy sweep to finish from top half guard or side control.

  • Kimura_K-Bar_4of4

    In this last segment of the K-Bar Kimura series we are going to have a little fun with the double roll. This comes into play when your opponent rolls through and goes into a turtle defense...I don't think so.