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Knee on Belly Escapes • 3m 17s

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  • KOB Framed 2of4

    So your early stages of defense did not work out so well and your opponent now has knee on belly...this is not an "oh crap" moment, trust me. Using your inside hand grip the ankle, frame out, create space and recover position.

  • KOB Disruption 3of4

    If you find yourself caught in a "deep" knee on belly and there is no space to grip that ankle, you will want to frame out on that knee using the same inside arm. From here you will be able to frame out on the knee creating directional disruption and make the space to backside shrimp and recover.

  • KOB MountTrap 4of4

    So they think they want to transition to mount from knee on belly? sir no way, not today.