Knee Slice Guard Pass

Knee Slice Guard Pass

In this online section of Guard Defense we focus on the Knee Slice pass. This is an excellent pass for an easy transition to knee on belly or numerous side control attacks.

Knee Slice Guard Pass
  • KneeSlice Neutralize 1of4

    When you are in your opponents guard, it is important to maintain control of the position. We do this by managing the grips (Grip Fighting 2.0) and neutralizing the attacks.

  • KneeSlice Control 2of4

    Once you have a "grip" on the situation, before doing your knee slice pass you need to set it up by controlling the middle ground. This is where we put a "twist" on things and really secure that grip.

  • KneeSlice Passing 3of4

    Now that the grips are locked in and control has been established, it's time to knee slice! Even when your opponent attempts to knee shield it becomes ineffective with the proper framing and pressure.

  • KneeSlice Variations 4of4

    Here we look at some variations of the knee slice pass including a sweet little elbow cut approach...oh yeah, and Tom gets choked a bunch.