Knee Staple Guard Pass Series

Knee Staple Guard Pass Series

In this five part online series of 1on1 Guard Passing we will be looking at the finer points of establishing grips, proper framing and creating pressure that will allow you to pass the guard with ease. Whether you like to pass with the under hook to the backside, step through to knee on belly or pass straight to the mount, this series is sure to increase your percentage of success.

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Knee Staple Guard Pass Series
  • 1on1 GuardPass 1of5

    In the first installment of this online 1on1 Guard Pass series we will be focusing on the backside under hook guard pass. Remember, as with all of our positional training, it starts with the grip fight and establishing grip control. From here we explore the finer points of passing the knee thro...

  • 1on1 GuardPass 2of5

    No matter which direction we are attempting to guard pass...outside, under or through the middle, it is important to keep focus on your downward forward pressure. Not only will this help to staple your opponent to the mat, it will also cause them to be uncomfortable and move into the positions t...

  • 1on1 GuardPass 3of5

    If for some reason you are not able to guard pass to the backside (whether your opponent is keeping you from passing or you just don't want to) this step through pass is an awesome way to transition straight to knee on belly.

  • 1on1 GuardPass 4of5

    When you are attempting your 1on1 guard pass but are not able to under hook the leg, you can transition to this inside shotgun pass to establish side control. Our focus here will be on the gable grip, knee placement and solid connection to your opponent.

  • 1on1 GuardPass 5of5

    Now that we have explored ways of guard passing to establish side control on both sides and knee on belly, let's have a little fun guard passing straight to mount!
    ...followed by a little "back in the day" story time.