Master Caique Elias

Master Caique Elias

Master Carlos “Caique” Elias first contact with jiu-jitsu was in 1972 at a Judo Academy located at Rua Toneleros in Copacabana, RJ. The Judo academy where he trained was in a shared building with the Carlson Gracie academy. Master Caique met Relson and Rickson Gracie in his teenage years surfing in Rio de Janeiro. Because the surf culture back then was pretty rough and fights happened often, Caique quickly saw the value of Jiu-Jitsu and began training Jiu-Jitsu at 16 years old in 1974. His hard work quickly set him apart and Grand Master Helio Gracie named him the best student of his original academy. In 1996 Master Caique moved to the US invited by GM Helio to teach at the Gracie Academy. In 2000 he opened the Caique Gracie-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy.

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Master Caique Elias
  • Takedowns, Mount Defense & Attacks 1of3

    This three part series has some of the techniques taught on his most recent visit to Katharo Training Center. Part one covers getting your opponent to the ground with a hip toss. And If they defend that how to transition into a leg sweep. He shows great details to make the technique effective and...


  • Takedowns, Mount Defense & Attacks 2of3

    Part two with Master Caique covers the consequences of not protecting your neck! With ways to escape the mount using a safe move that keeps your neck safe at all times. He finishes this part of the series with tips for staying in mount and a couple of attacks.

  • Takedowns, Mount Defense & Attacks 3of3

    We always love having Master Caique come to Denver! He has such a wealth of knowledge, he can help anyone with their game. The final part of this series focuses on mount and side control attacks. First he shows how to use the cross collar choke to set up the arm bar from the mount. He finishes th...

  • Punch Defense, Self-Defense & Side Control 1of3

    In the first installment of this three part online seminar series, Master Caique will be demonstrating punch defense from the guard, transitioning to a pass and trap to control the fight and submit your opponent. The effectiveness of this technique is truly in the details of grips, posture contr...

  • Punch Defense, Self-Defense & Side Control 2of3

    Obviously most fights or attacks start standing up, so in this segment Master Caique will be showing us an escape when an attacker grabs you around the waist from behind. The concept is simple and effective, and the key is in creating the perfect leverage to allow you to escape or attack.

  • Punch Defense, Self-Defense & Side Control 3of3

    In the last installment of this seminar series, Master Caique will be demonstrating an awesomely effective lapel choke from side control. This choke can almost always be found with just a little bit of baiting...but leads to a lot of tapping!