Master Caique Seminar

Master Caique Seminar

It is our honor and privilege to bring you some of the teachings of Master Caique, from Katharo Training Center's most recent seminar. Master Caique is a 7th degree Red/Black belt with over 40 years of training experience and one of only eight non-Gracies to receive his Black belt directly from Hélio Gracie.
Please enjoy this online addition to JJOTG and let us know how these details from a legend transform your game!

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Master Caique Seminar
  • Caique Seminar 1of3

    In the first installment of this three part online seminar series, Master Caique will be demonstrating punch defense from the guard, transitioning to a pass and trap to control the fight and submit your opponent. The effectiveness of this technique is truly in the details of grips, posture contr...


  • Caique Seminar 2of3

    Obviously most fights or attacks start standing up, so in this segment Master Caique will be showing us an escape when an attacker grabs you around the waist from behind. The concept is simple and effective, and the key is in creating the perfect leverage to allow you to escape or attack.

  • Caique Seminar 3of3

    In the last installment of this seminar series, Master Caique will be demonstrating an awesomely effective lapel choke from side control. This choke can almost always be found with just a little bit of baiting...but leads to a lot of tapping!