Observing the Grip with Professor Mark

Observing the Grip with Professor Mark

No grip No Fight! In this astounding four part series Professor Steve and Professor Mark team up to bring you an amazing analysis of the grip fight. Through demonstration, live rolling and breakdowns they reveal how to implement an often overlooked core principal into your game. The idea of survival, attacking, and imposing your will all through securing your grips will change your game forever and really make rolling easier. They show that with the correct grips you do not need strength and athleticism to stay safe and attack.

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Observing the Grip with Professor Mark
  • MarkGenco JJLifestyle 1of4

    In part one of this beautiful series watch Professor Steve and Professor Mark Genco rolling to highlight the ideas and techniques they discuss. They break down the idea of a sensitive grip to impose your game, surviving in Jiu-Jitsu, and how to protect yourself in live rolling. They show us how c...


  • MarkGenco JJLifestyle 2of4

    In part two of this awesome series Professor Steve and Professor Mark take a deeper dive into the concept, and technique, of grip fighting through teaching and rolling. They display well thought out concepts to highlight core principles of Jiu-Jitsu that are often overlooked, then show them in ac...

  • MarkGenco JJLifestyle 3of4

    In part three we get to see more rolling action and additional ideas build on the concepts bought up in the first two videos. Professor breaks down the concept into easy to understand chunks and then demonstrates how they work in real situations. By implementing the game of grips it is easy to im...

  • MarkGenco JJLifestyle 4of4

    In the final part of the series we get some last words of wisdom from Professor Mark and get to watch him roll some more! Professor Steve and Professor Mark put the final touches on the grip fighting concept and their ideas about Jiu-Jitsu. We hope you enjoy learning from Professor Mark as much a...