Paulo Brandao

Paulo Brandao

We really enjoyed our time with Professor Paulo Brandao! He covers everything from take downs to submissions. He starts on the feet with a hip toss, foot sweep, and bear hug defense. Then we move to the ground, a way to get side control from the fifty-fifty position, while avoiding a scramble. The series finishes with a sneaky choke when you can't break the opponent's grip from the top Kimura position. He covers many little details to make the techniques effective and easy to implement. Thanks for watching!

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Paulo Brandao
  • Paulo Brandao Seminar 1of3

    We are super excited to bring you the Jiu-jitsu style of Professor Paulo Brandao. In part one of the seminar he covers how to get inside of your opponent's hands and position for the hip toss. He then shows us how to take them down if they try to escape forward with a foot sweep and finishes with...


  • Paulo Brandao Seminar 2of3

    In part two of this awesome seminar, Professor starts by going over how to get to top side control from the fifty-fifty position. He covers all the little details to go from a neutral position to a dominant one. This is a great technique to avoid a full scramble.

  • Paulo Brandao Seminar 3of3

    We really enjoyed learning from Professor Brandao! In the final installment of the series he shows how to get a really sneaky and tight choke from the top Kimura position. Your opponent can be very strong here and it is often very hard to break their grip. Instead, try using this choke when you c...