Phil Cardella - 7/14/19

Phil Cardella - 7/14/19

We couldn't be more excited to bring you the teachings of Professor Phil Cardella to JJOTG, a third degree blackbelt and successful MMA Fighter. He brings a unique perspective and shows us some fresh ideas. Enjoy a true grappling master at work and try his moves the next time you roll!

Contact Professor Phil Cardella at if you would to host him for a seminar or visit his academy.

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Phil Cardella - 7/14/19
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    In the first installment of JJOTG's online Professor Phil Cardella Seminar series we will be taken on the Belly Down Arm Bar adventure. This is a very powerful finish and the details surrounding positional adjustments, body alignment and pressure presented to us by Professor Phil, will have you ...


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    Have you ever wondered how much help it would be to have a third arm for stability and control when you're rolling?..well wonder no more. Professor Phil gives us all the details to create that effect in this awesome Arm Triangle from Mount finish.

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    In part three of the Professor Phil Cardella Seminar series we will be looking at an Americana and Sleeve Choke combo. This combo aligns perfectly with the Arm Triangle from Mount when your opponent is successfully defending your first attempts.
    It's always good to have a back up plan (or two).

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    In the final installment of Professor Phil's seminar series we take a trip down "mean street" with this Neck Crank and Armbar combo. This combo truly opens the door for a multitude of neck cranks and absolute control of the fight.