Professor Javier Vazquez

Professor Javier Vazquez

Javier Vazquez, also known as “Showtime”, is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros, a rank he achieved in 2003, making him most likely the first Cuban black belt in the Brazilian grappling style. Javier is also a wrestler and a retired mixed martial artist with a successful career having competed at some of the top promotions in the world such as KOTC, WEC and the UFC.

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If you would like to host a seminar or visit Professor Javier at his academy in Rancho Cucamonga you can connect with him at [email protected] or visit for more information.

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Professor Javier Vazquez
  • JV Back Attack Series 1of7

    In part one of this series Javier talks about how to control someone from the back, including the hooks and the hand fight, then covers how to win the hand fight, and eventually get the tap. He shows so many little details about how to win the hand fight, without using too much strength and some ...


  • JV Back Attack Series 2of7

    In part two of the series, Javier goes into even greater detail on how to win the hand position battle, get your arm under the neck, and keep your body in the correct position. He shows how to actually get your arm under the neck when they're constantly fighting the choking arm. Where most people...

  • JV Back Attack Series 3of7

    In part three of the series, Professor really focuses on how to chain your moves together to eventually overwhelm your opponent. When you understand the series of moves better than your opponent, you can use less energy and get to the chokes faster by taking one or two small extra steps. He reall...

  • JV Back Attack Series 4of7

    In part four of the series, Professor really highlights how to be efficient with your back attacks by following patterns and trapping your opponent's arm. By using this method, you know exactly how your opponent is going to react and you can control where the fight happens. This little series req...

  • JV Back Attack Series 5of7

    In part five of the series, Professor shows how to adjust your chokes depending on how your opponent defends. Obviously tucking the chin and turning away is one of the most common defenses. With these techniques, you can take steps to slowly break down their defenses. They will also try to untrap...

  • JV Back Attack Series 6of7

    Part six is all about trapping the arm and keeping it there efficiently without much effort. This works against opponents of all sizes as long as you use their rest periods to adjust. He covers multiple options on how to trap the arm, stay calm, and an easy pattern to consistently work on. The id...

  • JV Back Attack Series 7of7

    In the final video of the series, Professor covers how to do a single-arm RNC, attacking from the weak side, and how to still trap the arm depending on how they defend. This pattern is extremely effective and will give you even more ways to finish from the back. He really coves an insane amount o...

  • Super Kimura & Guard Passing Seminar 1of4

    Professor Javier Vazquez recently came to Katharo Training Center to share his knowledge and ideals with us. We are so happy we to get to share this no-gi session with you! He goes over many concepts and techniques. He covers constant connection, red light green light, passing the guard, vibratio...

  • Super Kimura & Guard Passing Seminar 2of4

    in Part two Professor Javier Vazquez explores more ideas and expands on the super Kimura position. He covers the idea of constant connection to your opponent, the mindset needed while sick or injured, and a slick armbar finish from the super Kimura position. These little tips make finishing the K...

  • Super Kimura & Guard Passing Seminar 3of4

    Part 3 is all about using your weight against your opponent to pass the guard and conserve energy. Professor Javier shows how to find a targeted spot to balance yourself on your opponent, deflect the pressure, and break the stability point. This is a great way to break down your opponent while co...

  • Super Kimura & Guard Passing Seminar 4of4

    In part 4 Professor Javier explains how to balance on your opponent and create a constant pressure, forcing your opponent to hold your weight and tire themselves out. He shows how to use their angles against them and how to deflect their weight until they have no choice but to give up.

  • Live Rolling with Professor Javier Vazquez

    The final part of the Professor Javier seminar ends with a spectacular roll between him and Professor Steve. Two high level black belts rolling with precision and grace. Enjoy the mastery and try to use their ideas in training!