Richard Power a.k.a. "Power Ranger" Seminar Benefit

Richard Power a.k.a. "Power Ranger" Seminar Benefit

It was a great privilege to help our friend Richard Power battle cancer in the best way we know how, Jiu-Jitsu! The Jiu-Jitsu community came together to put on a memorable seminar series to raise money for Richard and his family. It's a beautiful thing to see our brothers and sisters come out in force to benefit a friend.

If you would like to show your support by donating to Richards continued battle against cancer you can do so by clicking on this link

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Richard Power a.k.a. "Power Ranger" Seminar Benefit
  • Phil_Cardella_1of4

    In the first installment of JJOTG's online Professor Phil Cardella Seminar series we will be taken on the Belly Down Arm Bar adventure. This is a very powerful finish and the details surrounding positional adjustments, body alignment and pressure presented to us by Professor Phil, will have you ...


  • Phil_Cardella_2of4

    Have you ever wondered how much help it would be to have a third arm for stability and control when you're rolling?..well wonder no more. Professor Phil gives us all the details to create that effect in this awesome Arm Triangle from Mount finish.

  • Phil_Cardella_3of4

    In part three of the Professor Phil Cardella Seminar series we will be looking at an Americana and Sleeve Choke combo. This combo aligns perfectly with the Arm Triangle from Mount when your opponent is successfully defending your first attempts.
    It's always good to have a back up plan (or two).

  • Phil_Cardella_4of4

    In the final installment of Professor Phil's seminar series we take a trip down "mean street" with this Neck Crank and Armbar combo. This combo truly opens the door for a multitude of neck cranks and absolute control of the fight.

  • Tony_Tipton_1of3

    In the first installment of the online Professor Tony Tipton Guard Pass series, Professor Tony will be showing us a series of warm-up drills that will get you ready for the "Tony Tumble Pass". These drills are simple in nature but will prepare you for proper movement and alignment when performin...

  • Tony_Tipton_2of3

    In part two of this three part Tony Tumble Pass series, Professor Tony will be demonstrating proper alignment of the feet and hands, where to drop the shoulder and the correct movement to flatten out your opponent.
    This pass is fantastic for moving into a solid side control position!

  • Tony_Tipton_3of3

    In the final video Professor Tony walks us through how to set up the pass, keep a moving base, and move with your opponents weight. He shows the final details of hand and shoulder placement to really make the move effective and really cement a solid side control.

  • Steve_Hordinski_1of5

    Welcome to JJOTG's online Modified Russian seminar series featuring Professor Steve Hordinski. In part one of this five part series Professor Steve will be showing us a highly effective sweep using the Modified Russian from the ground...oh yeah, and some lovely wrist locks to take on your journey.

  • Steve_Hordinski_2of5

    In the second installment of the Modified Russian series Professor Steve will be showing us a very fast Kimura finish combined with another nice wrist lock.
    Always stay curious and always keep exploring...

  • Steve_Hordinski_4of5

    In the fourth installment of this Modified Russian series we will be exploring how to utilize the modified Russian grip in closed guard. From closed guard Professor Steve will show us a very easy sweep resulting in full mount control as well as simple adjustments to transition your opponent into...

  • Steve_Hordinski_3of5

    When attempting the Kimura from the Modified Russian grip you will sometimes encounter an opponent that will roll through the move. In this video, Professor Steve will show us how to maintain control through the roll and establish a solid top position. There are also many submissions from this ...

  • Steve_Hordinski_5of5

    In our last video of the Modified Russian series Professor Steve leaves us with some very quick and effective wrist locks and Americanas from open guard.
    When you can consistently catch your opponent early it will surely change the way they approach you in the future.

  • Robby_Rabadi_1of4

    In part one of the seminar Professor Robby shows us a slick back take. Using efficient grips, your opponents own movement, and timing he shows how simple changing the fight can be when applied correctly. A perfect move to add to your game!

  • Robby_Rabadi_2of4

    In part two Professor Robby elaborates on the small details of the first video and a different set up to take the back. He shows how to get to the same effective grip break by tricking your opponent and get to the back fast. With two setups it makes hitting the back take far easier.

  • Robby_Rabadi_3of4

    In part three Professor Robby uses the foundation built in the first two videos to setup a sneaky and powerful arm bar from the closed guard. He goes over all the small things to make a submission work and again emphasizes the importance of luring your opponent into a trap.

  • Robby_Rabadi_4of4

    In the final video of the seminar we learn how to sweep if your opponent stuffs the back take or the submission. capping off this nice closed guard series with a sweep really will give you confidence to try this live. Professor Robby really covers a full range of techniques from a super cool setu...

  • Sean_Cooper_1of3

    In the first video of the series Professor Cooper shows a beautiful counter to the Thai clinch. He walks you through how to not only take your opponent down but also how to get to mount. He uses a common reaction from an opponent to move into a dominating position.

  • Sean_Cooper_2of3

    In the second video of the series Professor shows us another effective takedown. This is a simple takedown perfect for Jiu-Jitsu players. it lets you take the fight from standing to knee on belly in just a few steps. A common misconception is the need for fast and complex movements, this shows ju...

  • Sean_Cooper_3of3

    The final video of the series shows a great takedown from a common position in Jiu-Jitsu. If you've been having issues with the over under position this is a great asset to add to your game. Using simple movements you can change the fight in seconds.

  • bryan_evans_1of3

    In part one of this three part series Professor Bryan Evans joins us from the tap-out cancer event to show us his dominating back control. He walks us through a modified grip from the back to control your opponent and submit them easier. This grip is highly effective in Gi or no-Gi.

  • bryan_evans_2of3

    Part two of the series focuses on what happens if your partner clears the leg while you have the back. This slick transition flows directly into the powerful top Kimura position, leading to an easy finish. Both Professor Steve and Professor Brian throw in some nice tips on how to finish the Kimur...

  • bryan_evans_3of3

    In the final video of the series Professor Bryan gives us two ways to take the back from turtle without creating a scramble. This is really useful when you have to go against bigger opponents who can use their weight to stifle normal back takes.

  • adam_dobie_2of3

    In part two of this no-gi series Professor Adam shows two setups for the darce from the top position. After securing the initial position he goes through the details of finishing the choke, including how to get your arms deeper, body positioning and stopping your partners movement.

  • adam_dobie_3of3

    In the final video of the series Professor Adam shows an awesome way to get an armlock if they are staying tight against the darce. He then show us how to stop someone from getting underneath you for a leglock from the open guard position. After you have secured your legs he walks us through how...