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Up Next in Richard Power a.k.a. "Power Ranger" Seminar Benefit

  • Phil_Cardella_3of4

    In part three of the Professor Phil Cardella Seminar series we will be looking at an Americana and Sleeve Choke combo. This combo aligns perfectly with the Arm Triangle from Mount when your opponent is successfully defending your first attempts.
    It's always good to have a back up plan (or two).

  • Phil_Cardella_4of4

    In the final installment of Professor Phil's seminar series we take a trip down "mean street" with this Neck Crank and Armbar combo. This combo truly opens the door for a multitude of neck cranks and absolute control of the fight.

  • Tony_Tipton_1of3

    In the first installment of the online Professor Tony Tipton Guard Pass series, Professor Tony will be showing us a series of warm-up drills that will get you ready for the "Tony Tumble Pass". These drills are simple in nature but will prepare you for proper movement and alignment when performin...