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Up Next in Richard Power a.k.a. "Power Ranger" Seminar Benefit

  • Steve_Hordinski_5of5

    In our last video of the Modified Russian series Professor Steve leaves us with some very quick and effective wrist locks and Americanas from open guard.
    When you can consistently catch your opponent early it will surely change the way they approach you in the future.

  • Robby_Rabadi_1of4

    In part one of the seminar Professor Robby shows us a slick back take. Using efficient grips, your opponents own movement, and timing he shows how simple changing the fight can be when applied correctly. A perfect move to add to your game!

  • Robby_Rabadi_2of4

    In part two Professor Robby elaborates on the small details of the first video and a different set up to take the back. He shows how to get to the same effective grip break by tricking your opponent and get to the back fast. With two setups it makes hitting the back take far easier.