Striking Fundamentals - Part Four

Striking Fundamentals - Part Four

Part 4 of our fundamentals course is back with professional fighter Chris Camozzi teaching some defensive techniques like rolling punches, parrying and blocking both the cross and lead hook. A solid defense will make your offense even better so don't skip the basics! Chris also shares the proper way to attack leg kicks for maximum damage.

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Striking Fundamentals - Part Four
  • Striking Fundamentals- Rolling Punches (Partner Drill) 13of19

    Learning to roll punches live takes a lot of practice and timing. Chris Camozzi has shown you the mechanics of properly rolling punches and now it's time to start drilling it with a partner. Take it slow then start building up the speed and timing! Enjoy!


  • Striking Fundamentals- Parrying the Jab (Partner Drill) 14of19

    Chris Camozzi shares a fun drill to work on parrying the jab. Like most striking techniques, Parrying takes reaction speed and timing so drills help build those reactions. Get to work and once you learn to parry, you will see all the counter strikes it can open up!

  • Striking Fundamentals- Defensive Covers 15of19

    Covering (blocking) power punches is often the safest way to defend yourself and when done right, it opens up your counter strikes after. Watch this short but effective video where Chris Camozzi teaches the proper way to block both the cross and lead hook. Start Drilling!

  • Striking Fundamentals- Leg Kicks 16of19

    Chris Camozzi knows a thing or two about leg kicks. He currently has landed the most leg kicks in UFC Middleweight history so you are in good hands! In this video, Chris will break down how to throw leg kicks as well as what target to look for and placement of your leg for maximum damage.