Striking Fundamentals - Part Three

Striking Fundamentals - Part Three

Part 3 picks up right where we left off on Part 2. In this series Chris teaches you more knees, head movement and the proper way to throw elbows. We can't stress the importance of fundamentals enough. Chris finishes up this series with a drill to work your knees and elbows from home and make them flow more natural. Drill, drill, drill!

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Striking Fundamentals - Part Three


  • Striking Fundamentals- Elbows 10of19

    Elbows are considered one of the most devastating strikes you can throw. They do a ton of damage but you have to put yourself in a dangerous range to land them. In this series, Chris Camozzi shares the best way to throw your elbows and do maximum damage while staying protected. Don't miss this one!

  • Striking Fundamentals- Knees & Elbows Drill 11of19

    You can do technique all day but drilling is where you really grow. Chris Camozzi shares a simple but effective drill to make throwing knees and elbows more natural. Stop reading and start drilling!

  • Striking Fundamentals- Rolling Punches 12of19

    Striking is always more fun when you don't get hit. In this series Chris Camozzi teaches you how to "Roll" punches. There is no wasted movement in striking. While you are avoiding punches, you can be loading up your next power shot and Chris shows you the proper mechanics behind rolling punches a...