Striking Fundamentals - Part Two

Striking Fundamentals - Part Two

Chris Camozzi has traveled the world fighting in top organizations in both MMA and Kickboxing. He's back to share more tips on Part 2 of striking fundamentals.

Fundamentals are often overlooked or forgotten but in order to progress to a more advanced fighter, you need a solid foundation. In Part 2 of Striking Fundamentals Chris teaches lateral foot work, slipping punches, lead and rear uppercuts and the rear knee. He also added in some drills you can do from anywhere.

Whether you are an experienced striker or just starting out, this series is great! It never hurts to get another look to tighten up your striking. All of the pros practice solid fundamentals every day.

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Striking Fundamentals - Part Two
  • Striking Fundamentals- The Lead and Rear Uppercut 5of19

    Professional Kickboxer and MMA fighter Chris Camozzi teaches you the fundamentals of throwing both the lead and rear uppercut. Chris shares the small details of shifting and loading your weight to get maximum power while holding a solid position.


  • Striking Fundamentals- Lateral Footwork Basics 6of19

    Chris Camozzi shares with you some very basic but very important details to move laterally while striking. Chris also shares common mistakes people make while moving their feet striking. He also shares a fun drill at the end you can work from anywhere.

  • Striking Fundamentals- Slipping Punches 7of19

    Chris Camozzi goes over how to slip (dodge) punches the correct way. Learn to keep a solid position and be ready to counterattack while slipping punches and at the end we have a drill for you to add to your footwork. Striking is always more fun when you aren't the one getting hit!

  • Striking Fundamentals- The Rear side Knee 8of19

    Chris Camozzi has tested his striking kills in both Kickboxing and MMA on the world level. Here he shares the fundamentals of throwing one of the most devastating strikes possible, the Rear Side Knee.