Triple Attack from Mount

Triple Attack from Mount

Welcome to the JJOTG online Mounted Triple Attack series! In this four part series we will dive into the Cross Collar Choke, maintaining and controlling the position, Nearside Armbars and Outside Armbars. This series is sure to boost your mounted attack game to the next level.

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Triple Attack from Mount
  • Mount CrossChoke 1of4

    In the first installment of this online Triple Attack series, we will be looking at the details of the Cross Collar Choke from mount as well as the transition from knee on belly. Remember, it's the little details that create the biggest change in your game.

  • Mount Control 2of4

    "If we do not learn how to control the position, we will quickly learn how to lose the position".
    It is very common for your opponent to attempt a trap roll escape when you are going for the cross collar choke from let's explore how to NOT let that happen.

  • Mount NearSide Armbar 3of4

    We've looked at the "nap" option, now let's look at the "snap" option...more specifically the Nearside Armbar from S-Mount. When your opponent is defending the choke well, chances are they are exposing their elbows and this is what we are looking to take advantage of.
    Please forgive the fact th...

  • Mount Outside Armbar 4of4

    The Outside Armbar from S-Mount is ideal to use when your opponent is guarding their inside arm well. In this segment we will look at the details of transition, making your opponent look away as well as some wrist lock options.