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JV Back Attack Series 4of7

Professor Javier Vazquez • 10m

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    In part five of the series, Professor shows how to adjust your chokes depending on how your opponent defends. Obviously tucking the chin and turning away is one of the most common defenses. With these techniques, you can take steps to slowly break down their defenses. They will also try to untrap...

  • JV Back Attack Series 6of7

    Part six is all about trapping the arm and keeping it there efficiently without much effort. This works against opponents of all sizes as long as you use their rest periods to adjust. He covers multiple options on how to trap the arm, stay calm, and an easy pattern to consistently work on. The id...

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    In the final video of the series, Professor covers how to do a single-arm RNC, attacking from the weak side, and how to still trap the arm depending on how they defend. This pattern is extremely effective and will give you even more ways to finish from the back. He really coves an insane amount o...